In Alice Animal’s repertoire, the electric guitar is not optional: it is a second voice. Her artistic explorations and her encounters fashioned her personal sonic universe, and she wanted to extend it with her dream guitar, one that would fit her hands, her playing style, a guitar that would travel with her from the release of this first album, TANDEM.
It’s a stroke of luck that Alice met Wild Custom, a team of luthiers with a stellar reputation in the world of custom-made instruments.

Having built instruments for Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Adam Clayton (U2), Mike Dirnt (Greenday), Richard Fortus et Gilby Clarke (Guns and Roses) among others, the team at Wild Custom got to work on Alice Animal’s project, to bring to life her dream of a stunning personal instrument. The glittery, orange-coloured belle is not as well-behaved as she looks, with her Seymour-Duncan Sh6 pickups that deliver the powerful, warm sound that Alice was looking for. She’s not disappointed, and has found a comfortable, authentic feel  with this new sidekick.
A short movie, directed by Julia Giraudo, chronicles the creation of this instrument.

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Photo credit / Yann Ohran

Aircut credit / Isabelle Luzet

Fashion designer / Valerie Risbec

Shooting session at the Espace Clacquesin