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Jay Wud (b. August 1, 1983 in Beirut) is a Lebanese guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Dubai. He’s known for his guitar chops, versatile singing and electrifying stage persona. Jay has collaborated with many musicians & bands and has supported big acts such as Aerosmith, Robert Plant, Guns’n’Roses & Skunk Anansie.

He’s one of the most respected rockers in the Middle East with independent releases under his belt, Debut album “New Blood” & second album “False Utopia”. In 2014 Jay went to Los Angeles and recorded his 3rd record with grammy nominated and multi award winning producer Howard Benson (Motorhead, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Sepultura….)

Jay Wud initially contacted us in 2013 for a bespoke Explorer replica. This guitar was played on the False Utopia tour and features on most of Jay Wud youtube channel videos. Beyond his great guitar skills, Jay Wud is the greatest guy on earth and quickly becomes a close friend of the team. He’s now riding a Firewild prestige gold edition powered by EMG.

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