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KIZ, the electro-pop duo with a unique and innovative concept, keeps going forward with the release of their new album “Des Tours” on 3 March 2017.

Alice and Marc started their adventure with a remix of the famous iPhone ringtone “Marimba”, a cover they made by using a ukulele, a bowl of water and a microwave. For now, their video has over a million views on YouTube. Then, they made about ten creative and quirky videos: some covers of Adele and Stromae, their own versions of TV shows and series soundtracks…

Their concept was born and aimed at creating musical compositions with noises and sounds of everyday life in relation to the theme of their songs: a typewriter for their track “Voyelle” (“Vowel”), a phone for “Décroche” (“Pick Up”)… Furthermore, they realize a careful research work on image quality by making by themselves every visuals, jackets, posters, stage decor and video clips from filming to editing.

This viral success took the band to studio to record their first EP released in November 2015 on the label X-Ray Production. This four-tracks opus allowed us to discover the duo through original compositions in which catchy melodies flirt with electronic beats. The two-headed hybrid reveals in his texts their different facets in a soft and singular way.

Both on stage and in life, the two musicians are funny and like experimenting puns, spoonerism or astonishing word games. After a tour of over 40 dates in 2016, they seduced the public by their bias for experimental music and their crazy universe that they enjoy highlighting during their shows.

At the end of 2016, KIZ comes back to the Studio Grande Armée in Paris to record “Des Tours”. An album at the frontiers of electro and acoustic pop in which the two songwriters play with words and expressions to enhance the double meaning of their songs. Sometimes solar and sparkling with tracks such as “Voyelle”, “Décroche” or “Je suis (Tu hais)”; sometimes introspective and solemn in the songs “Dernière Pluie”, “Des Tours” or “Intempérie”. As usual, the duo will bring life to this album with video clips that come straight from their imaginary.

KIZ offers us a slightly acid and groovy universe resolutely fresh and modern.