Over the past few years we’ve customized a lot of instruments. A solid proportion of them where obviously Telecasters®. Beyond customization we’ve also built a lot of Tele-style guitars. Some of them were relatively close to the original but most of them feature original option, unique painting job or construction method (7 strings, set-in neck,  neck through).

In the end when we’ve been talking about producing a Tele-style guitar, we’ve immediately decided to bring the instrument back to its roots to achieve the authentic twang of its notorious predecessor. We’ve kept the unmistakable original spirit but wanted to firmly ground our Wild-TV in the present with a vintage-modern design.

We imagined the Wild-Tv with a Ghost white finished with some sober details for Seb from DUSTRIGGER band.

The band logo as been laser engraved in negative on an aluminum pickguard.

About the electronic, as the band plays kind of loud rock between stoner and 90’s rock, the guitar needed a humbucker pickup in bridge position for most of the songs, so we decided to put a splitable “hot rail” pickup by Kent Amstrong. Very powerful, and very “Tele” when you split it !