wild-tv “souvenir 13”



WILD CUSTOMS is an artisan workshop where we craft electric guitars the old fashion way. We’ve founded the company in 2008 and we’ve obviously developped a lot of connexions within the French Rock’n’Roll scene over the 8 past years. As you can easily imagine, we’ve been utterly dejected by the Paris attacks…

The morning following the attacks, Reno our graphic designer spontaneously made an artwork to express our feelings. The artwork features a crying eye within a Hexagon. A “B” (for Bataclan) entwined with a “13” (D-day) is forming a massive tear symbolizing the national sadness.

Following this, Julien has immediately decided to make a guitar paying homage to the victims of the Bataclan’s attack. This guitar is called “SOUVENIR 13”. This one-of instrument is full of symbols : the French flag finish, Reno’s artwork etched on the scratchplate, the guitar has been aged on purpose by Julien to evoke the atrocity of the attacks.

Jesse Hughes is the leader of the Eagles of Death Metal. We’ve met him in Los Angeles where we’re exhibiting our instruments at the Namm Show. Jesse told us what he has been through during that terrible night. Beyond the trauma, Jesse told us that he’s really impatient to tread the stage of the Olympia (16th of February / Paris). Jesse will sign the guitar “Souvenir 13” and play it the 16th on the Olympia’s stage.



It has never been question of selling this guitar for the benefit of our company. We’ve always wanted to make this guitar a strong symbol of resistance against violence and terrorism. We’re organising a raffle where all participants will be in with a chance of winning the guitar “SOUVENIR 13”. All benefits of the raffle will come to the Josh Homme’s Foundation “THE SWEET STUFF”. Josh Homme is playing drum on the last Eagles of death Metal and is the leader of Queen of the stone edge. He is highly involved in giving assistance to career musicians, recording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability.

All details of the raffle – Guitar homage to Paris