Charger Reverse Hollow

Le mariage d’une Les Paul et d’une guitare demi-caisse, avec la gueule d’une vraie guitare Wild !

Cette Charger est construite dans une superbe pièce de noyer français et d’une table en érable massif. Le tout marié à un manche en érable et une touche palissandre, le son de cette guitare est un équilibre tout simplement parfait entre dynamique, brillance, rondeur et grain!

On sera parfaitement à l’aise sur les registres Jazz, blues jusqu’à Hard Rock, et les micros HEP CAT fait main (PAF) complètent parfaitement le tableau Les « Les Paul » sont trop lourdes, trop « grasses »? les 335 trop « noisy », pas assez polyvalente? Faites ronfler la Charger!


Our guitars are 100% made in France. We believe in the true artisanal values and all our instruments are handcrafted the old fashion way in our workshop.

Our only goal is to deliver premium quality instruments and everything is designed, crafted, painted, wired, set, tuned in France.


A set neck transfers the resonance between neck and body more freely and immediately than does a bolt-on neck. The result is usually heard as a little more warmth and fullness in the set-neck guitar. This thicker, fatter sound is often sort out by heavy blues and rock’n’roll afficionados.

24-3/4″ Scale

The Gibson 24-3/4″ scale is one of the most common guitar scale length. Being shorter than the Fender 25-1/2″ scale, the Gibson 24-3/4″ scale has a lower tension/easier to play feel, and a warmer tone.

24-3/4″ = 629mm


Our « WILDKAT Pickups » are hand-wound in Paris by Hepcat Pickups. The WILDKAT are paying homage to the late 59 PAFs : an unmistakable vintage character but more than enough power for almost any application (blues rock, classic rock, heavy metal, metal, stoner rock)

42 AWG Plain Enamel wire on each coil
Alnico 2 magnets
Solid nickel silver baseplate
Chrome or Gold cover
Neck output = 7.6 Kohms
Bridge output = 9 Kohms

electronics / Wildone S2

Our WILDONE S2 series are powered by a WILDKAT calibrated covered set. We’re wiring our guitars the old fashion way with premium quality vintage wire.

Mallory capacitors .022μF
Potentiometer CTS 500ko
1 master vol
1 master tone
3 way switch
Loud/Fast toggle ring


Weight is for reference only. Because every one of our instruments is handmade, the weight may change depending the piece of wood we select for your guitar.

kg = 3,2kg / 3,5kg
lbs = 7lbs / 7.8lbs


We offer spread payments facility.

1/4 at the order
1/4 order +30 days
1/4 order +60 days
1/4 order +90 days

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All Wild Customs instruments are delivered with a stamped certificate of authenticity and a Wild Owner Kit.

Welcome to the gang!