BARONESS IronTop “GoldTop Relic”


This construction method is a variation of the traditional thinline construction. A steel plate is set on top of an half chambered body. The steel top brings round metallic sonorities to the instrument.


A lot of attention is paid to source premium quality wood for all our instruments.

The body is made in mahogany. It is a fine grained wood with great musical properties. The tone is warm and full with good sustain. The mahogany is associated with some of the most famous rock music of our time.

The neck is made in maple (Canada), a very hard, heavy and dense wood. The tone is very bright with long sustain and a lot of bite.


Machine heads by Kluson

Tune-O-Matic tone pro bridge & tail piece

Bone nut

Standard strap pin


Our guitars are 100% made in France. We believe in the true artisanal values and all our instruments are handcrafted the old fashion way in our workshop.

Our only goal is to deliver premium quality instruments and everything is designed, crafted, painted, wired, set, tuned in France.


The slower transference of acoustic energy from the non-glued neck yields a little more pop and attack from the string—in essence, it decouples the strings from the body and neck. The snap and pop of the bolt-on guitar neck emphasizes note definition. It adds a sharpness and firmness that contribute to a cutting tone, often called “twang”


The Standard Thin is our most popular neck profile. Its medium “C” shape will feel comfortable to most players.

Fingerboard : Brazilian Pau Ferro (Rosewood substitute to respect the CITES agreement and the European Union wood species protection regulation 338/97)
Fret = medium jumbo / 18% nickel
N° of Frets = 22
Radius = 12″
Width at nut = 43mm
Truss rod = dual action
Bone nut

24-3/4″ Scale

The Gibson 24-3/4″ scale is one of the most common guitar scale length. Being shorter than the Fender 25-1/2″ scale, the Gibson 24-3/4″ scale has a lower tension/easier to play feel, and a warmer tone.

24-3/4″ = 629mm


Our “WILDKAT Pickups” are hand-wound in Paris by Hepcat Pickups. The WILDKAT are paying homage to the late 59 PAFs : an unmistakable vintage character but more than enough power for almost any application (blues rock, classic rock, heavy metal, metal, stoner rock)

42 AWG Plain Enamel wire on each coil
Alnico 2 magnets
Solid nickel silver baseplate
Chrome or Gold cover
Neck output = 7.6 Kohms
Bridge output = 9 Kohms


Nos instruments “IronTop” sont équipés d’un set WILDKAT (bobinés main) et sont câblés de manière traditionnelle avec des câbles vintage de qualité supérieure.

Mallory capacitors .022μF
Potentiomètres CTS 500ko
1 master vol
1 master tone
3 way switch

Hardware / IRONTOP

Our Iron Top series feature

Machine heads by Kluson
Tune-O-Matic tone pro bridge & tail piece
Dome knobs chrome
Bone nut
Standard strap pin

WEIGHT / IronTop

Weight is for reference only. Because every one of our instruments is handmade, the weight may change depending the piece of wood we select for your guitar.

kg = 3,8kg / 4,3kg
lbs = 8.3lbs / 9.3lbs


All Wild Customs instruments are delivered with a stamped certificate of authenticity and a Wild Owner Kit.

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International shipping service

We ship our instruments worldwide. Our instruments are packed in secured card board and are fully insured against damage or loss.

Shipping costs are based on the destination.

For any enquiries, please contact us.