baroness black top relic


Set-in neck construction method

Body – African mahogany (2 pieces)

Top – Canadian maple top

Neck – African mahogany / neck volute

Fingerboard – Brazilian Pau Ferro (Rosewood substitute to respect the CITES agreement and the European Union wood species protection regulation 338/97)

Scale length – 24’75” (625mm)

22 Frets

Radius 12″

Neck profile : C shape standard thin



Tuners – Shertler open gear / premium quality tuners made in Switzerland

Bridge/tailpiece – Tune-o-Matic by Gotoh

Bone nut

Classic strap pin

Baroness custom shop etched metal plate kit



Powered by Seymour Ducan

Neck position Pearly Gate

Bridge position Pearly Gate

We’re wiring our guitars the old fashion way with premium quality vintage wire.

2 master vol / Potentiometer CTS 500ko

2 master tone / Potentiometer CTS 500ko

1 toggle 3 ways

Custom toggle ring



black top relic


Our guitars are 100% made in France. We believe in the true artisanal values and all our instruments are handcrafted the old fashion way in our workshop.

Our only goal is to deliver premium quality instruments and everything is designed, crafted, painted, wired, set, tuned in France.

24-3/4″ Scale

The Gibson 24-3/4″ scale is one of the most common guitar scale length. Being shorter than the Fender 25-1/2″ scale, the Gibson 24-3/4″ scale has a lower tension/easier to play feel, and a warmer tone.

24-3/4″ = 629mm


A set neck transfers the resonance between neck and body more freely and immediately than does a bolt-on neck. The result is usually heard as a little more warmth and fullness in the set-neck guitar. This thicker, fatter sound is often sort out by heavy blues and rock’n’roll afficionados.


All Wild Customs instruments are delivered with a stamped certificate of authenticity and a Wild Owner Kit.

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International shipping service

We ship our instruments worldwide. Our instruments are packed in secured card board and are fully insured against damage or loss.

Shipping costs are based on the destination.

For any enquiries, please contact us.