WILD-TV “Butterscotch Ultra Relic”


Over the past few years we’ve customized a lot of instruments. A solid proportion of them where obviously Telecasters®. Beyond customization we’ve also built a lot of Tele-style guitars. Some of them were relatively close to the original but most of them feature original option, unique painting job or construction method (7 strings, set-in neck,  neck through).

In the end when we’ve been talking about producing a Tele-style guitar, we’ve immediately decided to bring the instrument back to its roots to achieve the authentic twang of its notorious predecessor. We’ve kept the unmistakable original spirit but wanted to firmly ground our Wild-TV in the present with a vintage-modern design.



Our guitars are 100% made in France. We believe in the true artisanal values and all our instruments are handcrafted the old fashion way in our workshop.

Our only goal is to deliver premium quality instruments and everything is designed, crafted, painted, wired, set, tuned in France.

TONEWOOD / wild-tv


A lot of attention is paid to source premium quality wood for all our instruments.

The body is made of US swamp ash, a fairly light weight and very musical wood offering a very nice balance of brightness and warmth.

The neck is made of Canadian maple, a very hard and dense wood. The tone is very bright, with long sustain and a lot of bite.


The slower transference of acoustic energy from the non-glued neck yields a little more pop and attack from the string—in essence, it decouples the strings from the body and neck. The snap and pop of the bolt-on guitar neck emphasizes note definition. It adds a sharpness and firmness that contribute to a cutting tone, often called “twang”

25-1/2″ SCALE

One of the most common scale lengths is the 25-1/2″ guitar scale, made popular by Stratocasters®, Telecasters® and found on a wide variety of instruments. The 25-1/2″ produces a rich, strong, bell-like tone, and defined low-end.

25-1/2″ = 648mm


We’ve chosen a neck profile close to the original Telecasters 50’s neck profile for a true vintage experience. Our goal is to achieve the unmistakable Telecaster® “Twang”

Fingerboard = MAPLE or Brazilian Pau Ferro (Rosewood substitute to respect the CITES agreement and the European Union wood species protection regulation 338/97)
Fret = medium jumbo / 18% nickel
N° of Frets = 21
Radius = 9’5″
Width at nut = 43mm
Truss rod = double action
Bone nut


Our Wild-TV features

Oil filled vintage tuners
Bridge + brass saddles by Wilkinson
Dome style chrome knobs
Bone nut
Standard strap pins


Our Wild-TV guitars are powered by a set of matched TV 55’s pickup. We hand wire our guitars the old fashion way with premium quality vintage wire.

The control plate is designed with an ergonomic switch position.

Mallory capacitors .047μF
Potentiometer CTS 250ko
1 master vol
1 master tone
1 switch 3 way


The TV 55 PICKUPS are hand-wound in Paris by Hepcat Pickups to achieve the authentic twang and grind of a true Tele® pickup. With a huge range of rounded, muscular tones and traditional Tele® character, these perfectly balanced pickups are designed to cover clean country through to hot rock and beyond.

Neck pickup
Alnico V magnets, chrome or gold cover
Output = 7k ohm

Bridge pickup
Alnico V magnets, open coil
Output = 7,5k ohm

Make your GUITAR unique!

Our guitars are all designed to be easily upgraded and customized. Both Wild-TV and WildOne feature a Humbucker neck cavity (+ routing) underneath the pickguard, allowing quick and easy upgrades. We’ve wired the WildOne S1 with a killswitch that can be easily swapped with a traditional 3 way switch… Upgrading your guitar is now as easy as ABC!

To make it even easier, a broad range of pickguards and etched metal plates are available in the GEARS section of the website.


Weight is for reference only. Because every one of our instruments is handmade, the weight may change depending the piece of wood we select for your guitar.

kg = 3,2kg / 3,5kg
lbs = 7lbs / 7.8lbs