After 15 years of experience as cabinetmaker, in 2007 Julien decided to design and handcraft his first guitar: the WILDONE #00. On his first guitar he immediately paid a lot of attention to details. A state of mind that will always drive his work as guitar builder. The design pays homage to the 60’s and the WILDONE #00 impress the local guitarist community.

After this successful attempt, he’s followed up with customization of numerous guitars, bass-guitars and even drum sets… During the summer 2007, he’s joined the High-energy Rock Band “Ass Bandit” and met Renaud Sauzedde; web designer for “” at that time. They’ve quickly decided to found a brand new French guitar company and the production of WILD’s instruments officially started in 2008.




During the summer 2008, they’ve decided to showcase their instruments at the Hellfest Summer Open Air. The presence of prestigious bands such as Alice Cooper, Kiss, Motörhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy & the Stooges, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Guns’N’Roses, Slayer and Megadeth is driving visitors from all over Europe. Attending the Hellfest helped the team to get their instruments known amongst thousands of Rock’n’Roll and Metal passionate.

In 2010, WILD has designed a guitar for one of their favorite guitarist: KURT BALLOU the charismatic guitarist of CONVERGE (Boston, USA). Kurt is a tall guy and Julien must resize the WildOne to match with Kurt’s expectations. The “SavageOne” was used on the promotion tour of “Axe to Fall” and is regularly played at God City Studio (Kurt’s famous recording studio).




At the early stage of WILD CUSTOMS, the workshop was installed in the pool house of Reno’s family house. In 2008 all the tools were removed in a forsaken haberdasher’s shop. For four years the team was building and crafting their instruments in a proper “running down” building… but in spring 2013, all the tools were installed in an old printing house.

A building much more adapted to the company needs. The building is shared with “Eugène Tolerie” a garage refurbishing vintage vehicles… The company is now ready to move forward and write the next chapter of its story.




In January 2014, WILD CUSTOMS has organized the first edition of the WILDFEST. The project was in the air for a while and the 29th of January 2014, the team has hosted hundreds of hardcore and metal fanatics and welcomed on stage prestigious bands : RED FANG, H.A.R.K., THE SHRINE, ABRAHAM, LORD DYING…
In April 2014, WILD CUSTOMS has showcased their instruments at the MUSIK’MESSE (Frankfurt). All the industry and the prestigious brands were presenting their latest products but WILD CUSTOMS has impressed and get a really positive feedback from the international press and the visitors.


November 2014, was another big step for the team. WILD CUSTOMS was invited to the Holy Grail Guitar Show (Berlin) to showcase their instruments alongside the most famous guitar builders of the world.




End of 2014, after Kurt Ballou (Converge / USA), John Dyer Baizley (Baroness / USA), Kyle Shutt (The Sword / USA), The Valient Thorr (USA), David Sullivan (Red Fang / USA), Philippe Bussonnet (Magma / Fr), Laurent Barnard (Gallows / UK), it was up to M. Brent Hinds (Mastodon / USA) to join the rows of international Wild Customs artists.




Spring 2015, WILD CUSTOMS has showcased their instruments at the French guitar fair “Salon de la Belle Guitare” (Paris) amongst the most famous French and European guitar builders. The team met Maurice Dupont (Dupont Guitars) and started to talk about developing standard range 100% made in France in Maurice Dupont’s factory. July 2015, the standard range is officially launched and the team is already looking into the upcoming next big step : the Los Angeles NAMM show!

….To be continued





At WILD CUSTOMS we’ve obviously always been passionate about guitars and Rock’n’Roll culture. But beyond the instruments and music we are also sharing a true passion for the vintage and collect old cars, old motorcycles, old tools, LP’s, adverts of the 50’s & 60’s, furniture… This background does explain the artistic direction of the brand and the vintage spirit of WILD CUSTOMS guitars.

You will often find the Volkswagen Notchback brought back to life by Julien or Reno’s custom bikes at the background of our pictures.





Rock is definitely our background as musicians, and music fanatics. From the late 30’s to 2015 almost 80 years of classic tunes that we keep listening at the workshop. We can’t live without music and the turntable is one of the most important tool at the workshop.




Reno has recently established his tattoo shop at the entrance of the workshop. So the circle comes back around: the workshop is and will remain dedicated to creativity.